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Compassionate Sustainable Solutions

Campaign Priorities

My campaign focuses on three domains that support community health and wellness: sustainable management of our natural resources; public health services that support our most vulnerable populations; and community connectivity through safe transportation, trails, and routes. To learn more about what this means for Monroe County, click on the links below.

Addiction Resources

Supporting public health services for those affected by addiction.

Community Connectivity

Connecting people with safe, accessible routes to the places they need to be, via public transportation, sidewalks, and trail systems.


Ensuring that our natural resources – our lakes and forests – are managed for both economic and environmental sustainability.

Why vote for me?

Community-Based Decision-Making

I believe in listening to community members and using a balance of community input and facts in decision making

Project Management

I have four years of project management experience in a grant-funded agency

Budget Experience

I work with a team to manage budgets which have totaled over $200K during my tenure

Government Experience

I regularly work with partners in federal, state, and local government to successfully complete projects


I have an investigative mindset and I am passionate about analyzing the facts that matter

Relevant Experience

Commission Experience

Currently serve on the Monroe County Environmental Commission


Worked directly with private landowners on conservation and land management issues through State Extension


Volunteered for many years at area schools working with recycling programs, library support, outdoor classroom planning, and supporting teachers and students in the classroom

Strategic Planning

Co-managed the 2014 Monroe County Health Department Strategic Planning project

Program Development

Extensive experience in program development and evaluation leading to intended outcomes

Our Team

Some Interesting Facts


Acres of Lake Monroe Watershed


2018 Adopted Budget Monroe County


Monroe County Population (2016)


Total annual cost in dollars of drug overdoses in Indiana


Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council
Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council

Accessibility affects us all.

If you have a disability or are elderly and need more transportation options, this workshop is for you. There will be plenty of accessible parking.

(from a Stonebelt announcement)
The Council for Community Accessibility's...

Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council
Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council

I have not been posting political or government-related items on this page for a while.
I have been getting to know the functions of County Council and some of the departments to which I'm assigned as a liaison.
I have been...

Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council
Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council

“There are no magic bullets or one-size-fits-all answers. The best options are found in better governance, putting biodiversity concerns into the heart of farming and energy policies, the application of scientific knowledge and technology, and increased awareness and behavioral changes. The evidence shows that we...

Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council
Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council

If you own a business in the area, please consider completing this survey being conducted by IU SPEA students for the Friends Of Lake Monroe.

Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council
Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council shared a link.

The European Parliament just voted to enact a sweeping ban on single-use plastics - the scourge of the seas - by 2021 by a whopping majority.

Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council
Kate Wiltz Monroe County Council

Tonight, I attended the Plan Commission's meeting where they discussed draft sections of the County Development Ordinance. There's a lot to flesh out and I will be looking forward to more information. It all confirms something I have thought for a long time: there may...

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