About Kate

Kate Wiltz, Candidate Monroe County Council, District 2


These words are driving my campaign for County Council. These words drive how I approach problems, both personally and professionally. These words describe how I will serve on our County Council.

I am excited to do more for Monroe County. It is the responsibility of our government to support the health and wellness of the community it serves. For Monroe County, this means:

  • Funding public health services for those affected by addiction.
  • Connecting people – all of our people – with safe, accessible routes to the places they need to be, via public transportation, sidewalks and paths, and trail systems.
  • Ensuring that our natural resources – our lakes and forests – are managed for both economic and environmental sustainability.

I moved to Monroe County in 1991. I met my husband here – he was born and raised in Bloomington. After graduating in 1993 from IU, we moved to Ohio and attended Ohio State University. Over 10 years ago, Jim and I intentionally returned to Monroe County to raise our family.

I have a passion for environmental and sustainability issues and serve on the County’s environmental commission. I have worked for the Ohio State Extension in program development and evaluation in forestry, watershed management, and conservation practices. Working with private landowners, I learned a lot about agricultural practices and the people who literally shape our landscape.

Since returning to Bloomington, I have worked in my children’s schools to start a recycling program and implement an activities fair to inform families about the options for their students. When I returned to work four years ago, my focus shifted again to community engagement as a project manager for the Eppley Institute at IU. In this position, I work with county and city governments across the country on planning projects in health, parks, and recreation. I currently manage several partnerships with federal agencies to effectively educate both staff and visitors on public lands.

In all of my endeavors, I strive to educate and inform. I focus on sustainable solutions that look toward and plan for the future. I connect people with ideas and resources. This is who I will be as your County Councilor.