My campaign focuses on three domains that support community health and wellness: sustainable management of our natural resources; public health services that support our most vulnerable populations; and community connectivity through safe transportation, trails, and routes. To learn more about what this means for Monroe County, click on the tabs below.

Addiction affects us all – it does not discriminate. Monroe County government has worked hard to address the ongoing crisis taking place in our homes and on our streets. We must continue to build on this foundation of innovative and proactive ways to support people on their recovery journey.
As your Councilor, I will:
  • Explore evidenced-based initiatives like combining services of fire, police and social service providers in 911 calls of overdoses so citizens can immediately be linked to help.
  • Prioritize preventative, fiscally responsible measures to reduce the harm that the opioid epidemic causes family members, individuals, systems and children.
  • Collaborate with city and county stakeholders to develop proactive solutions to the opioid epidemic, building on Harm Reduction and Public Health principles.
Research shows that our physical and mental health are improved when we can safely walk or bike to recreational areas. We also know that this same relationship between connectivity and health applies when looking at road infrastructure and public transportation. People need to be able to easily and safely get to the places that improve their quality of life – from basic health services to jobs and housing.
As your Councilor, I will:
  • Work directly with city and university officials in an effort to coordinate our land use and transportation planning.
  • Advocate that monies set aside for countywide benefit are used countywide
  • Hold our planning and development projects accountable to the best practices in ADA standards

Monroe County – and District 2, specifically – has a mix of urban, suburban, and agricultural land use that requires a broad understanding of the ways in which these different communities impact the natural environment. Some issues, like run-off that carries pollutants and waste to our sewers, creeks, and lakes span the whole county. Other issues, like resource extraction – cutting trees and mining rock and gravel – need specific attention in the more rural areas and areas that have steep terrain.

Throughout Monroe County, residents deserve clear and strong policies that ensure that the air and water are clean, that our greenspaces and forests will be there for our children’s children, and our consumption does not overburden the land on which we live.
As your Councilor, I will:
  • Support programs and incentives that reduce the carbon footprint of the County government operations and facilities.
  • Work with city, university, and private stakeholders on policies that incentivize sustainable and renewable energy sources
  • Encourage land and resource management policy that supports the health of the Monroe Lake watershed.